MOKO Technologies provides mobile technology solutions for business, developed bespoke to any industry. MOKO delivers a proprietary and unique mobile app platform allowing easily recognizable business branding and engagement to customers. Depending on your industry, our bespoke app or web-based solution will cater different features to help you and your business streamline and grow.

What do we do?

Bespoke business solutions.

With MOKO's mobile concierge platform, we pride ourselves on making industry-specific our mobile application solutions. We start by getting to know you and your business. How you operate, your brand image, and your client demographic are just some of the things we take into consideration. We design your customized mobile-apps/web-tools with you and your business in mind. Making life easier for both you and your clients.

MOKO strives to accomplish premium and positive feel through the use of intuitive design elements. Practical and easy to use across all industries.

Our designs follow three fundamental beliefs:

  1. Technology should easily interface with the user.

  2. Interface should provide an experience for the user.

  3. Finer details should be familiar to the user.

Application of these three tenets creates a rich, trusted, and easy to navigate environment. Our environments ensure that no matter what the offered media is, the user is certain to engage with positivity and confidence in the provider.


Driving business into the future.


Establishing relationships for growth.


Bridging communication gap with a digital presence. 


Innovating parking with share economy concepts.

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