Service Shop Management

MOKO Mobile Concierge Solution provides mobile technology solutions for automotive service shops. MOKO’s mobile application creates a unique environment for branding and recognition in the automotive service shop industry. Our customer management and communications tool creates a tailored and intimate experience, personalizing and engaging the client. Customers simply download the free app, gaining them instant access to communication and appointment scheduling all from the comfort and proximity of their mobile device. 

The System

User Friendly Interface

MOKO’s interface was designed with both the customer and management in mind. By employing large icons, and a minimalist approach it is a simple environment to navigate. The Customer interface is streamlined, and responsive.

How does it work?

Through the MOKO Service Interface, you can easily and conveniently engage with your clients on both a global and personal (one-on-one) level. Market, manage and engage your clients all at the tap of a finger.

Customer Interface

  • Send appointment requests.

  • Call, Inbox, and Navigate to Service Shop.

  • Read dealership newsletters and promotional material.

  • Manage and maintain vehicle service history (with shop collaboration).

  • Service reminders.

Dealership Interface

  • Send newsletters and private messages.

  • Send badge notifications for upcoming appointments, and future services(with mileage recording).

  • Manage client courtesy car usage.

  • Interface with parts-shop.

  • Accept and manage appointment requests.

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