The team is the backbone of MOKO Technologies. Individually each member brings a unique professional experience to the team spanning several different industries. As a team, this allows for a unique synergy working together to develop digital tools and platforms. Our passion and drive towards excellence can help your brand gain the digital presence and name recognition you truly deserves. 

Daniel Wang


Daniel Wang, founder of MOKO Technologies, is a veteran of designing and creating digital platforms built for managing and nurturing relationships between organizations and its clients. Together with his team, Daniel’s portfolio includes applications with reach into a multitude of cutting edge markets. Daniel is one of the more prominent faces of the brand, with specialization in design, development, and Asia market outreach.

Ian Su, founder of MOKO Technologies, has been in the automotive industry for almost 10 years. Presently, he is the manager at the MINI Ottawa dealership. Ever since he took over this position 5 years ago, the sales of MINI Ottawa as a dealer has quadrupled. He has strong connections to BMW Canada, as well as many other dealerships all around Canada. His insight into the automotive industry has proven to be instrumental in the development and launch of MOKO Technologies.

Ian Su


AJ Fleming


AJ Fleming, the third co-founder of the MOKO brand, joining the company in 2018. AJ is an author and biologist with 10 years of experience managing a collaborative research program in Entomology. AJ specializes in marketing and outreach in both Latin America and Asia.

Nancy has been drawing and designing ever since she was a little girl. Throughout her career, she has proven herself to be not only an excellent product designer but also an experienced UX designer. Her designs are contemporary and sophisticated, yet intuitive and easy to use. Her vision and style of art makes her one of the most prominent up-coming artist/designers of her age.

Nancy Xu

Head of Design

Kuntal Gajjar

Head of Development

As well as being a excellent coder, Kuntal is also a very capable leader. His dedication to developing the best software based on our company's needs has been proven over and over again through the countless late nights and early mornings. The way he manages the team and the way he's able to turn the founder's ideas into reality rightfully makes him the Head of Development for MOKO Technologies.

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