Website designed and built by MOKO to serve as a showcase for a construction and renovation company in Hong Kong, China. Our vision was clean and modern, with an easy […]


In the digital assets market, access to high quality data and powerful computing tools is critical. Where asset management, data science and machine learning are all inherently complex, at OneSixtyTwo, […]

City Locksmith

In 1976, Omar opened City Locksmith in Sandy Hill. Customers responded to Omar’s mix of expertise, integrity and friendly service. By 1982, the company became a true family business. While […]

Performance Boutique

Performance boutique came to us to provide a logo, layout and complete website overhaul. We were able to develop and provide a high performing SEO based single page site to […]

MOKO Auto Concierge

MOKO Mobile Concierge Solution provides mobile technology solutions for automotive dealerships. MOKO delivers a leading management and communications mobile app platform that allows easily recognizable business branding to customers. Clients […]

MOKO Dealership Management

Our dealership interface was designed with a form following function approach. The layout and flow of the app was decided based on their functionality rather than what looks prettier. With […]

MOKO Cannabis CRM

For the cannabis industry, MOKO developed a system that is fully customizable, in-house designed by MOKO. Our team can also work with LP to achieve a company specific ?branded? look […]


Parka, the app that we?ve developed, is a Share-Economy mobile platform that connects private parking spot owners with drivers looking for a cheap and effective alternatives to commercialized or public […]