Dealership Management

MOKO Mobile Concierge Solution provides mobile technology solutions for automotive dealerships. MOKO delivers a leading management and communications mobile app platform that allows easily recognizable business branding to customers. Clients simply download the dealership app for free, and have instant access to useful and relevant resources all on their mobile device.

Customer Interface

For MOKO's customer interface, we wanted to invoke a premium user experience. Along with some unobtrusive and refined branding techniques, we will create a very positive and premium perception for you and your business towards your customers.

The Product

Dealership Interface

Our dealership interface was designed with a form following function approach. The layout and flow of the app was decided based on their functionality rather than what looks prettier. With efficient information structure in mind, this interface provides the dealership management with the right information at the right time.

How does it work?

Through the MOKO Dealership Interface, you can conveniently market to your clients, manage your courtesy car fleet, engage with your clients all at the tap of a finger.

Customer Interface

  • Send appointment requests.

  • Call roadside assistance or dealership.

  • Read dealership newsletters and promotional letters.

  • Edit personal information.

Dealership Interface

  • Send Newsletters and private messages.

  • Quickly identify clients by scanning their QR code.

  • Track courtesy car usage.

  • Manage courtesy car fleet.

  • Accept appointment requests

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