Innovative Parking Solution

Parka, the app that we’ve developed, is a Share-Economy mobile platform that connects private parking spot owners with drivers looking for a cheap and effective alternatives to commercialized or public parking. Parka lets private driveway owners to list their unused driveways up for rent and let drivers find these spots in real time or book in-advance so that they will always have a cheap and better alternative to commercialized and public parking.

The Product


A perfect spot, every time.

Parka is a more efficient and cheaper parking alternative. With our app, simply reserve a suitable spot, park, and enjoy the rest of your day. It’s the perfect spot you've always wanted, everywhere and anywhere.


Parka is the smartest way to park. One tap and a parking spot is yours. The app simply navigates you to your chosen parking lot. With Parka, you can park anywhere, everywhere.


Whether you need hourly, daily, or monthly parking - we have you covered. Not only is Parka safer than street parking, by parking with us, you are helping the city by getting rid of congestion on city streets.

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